Lottsa’s Fall 2023 Updates

August 2023:

  • Lottsa Financial Services is now accepting new managed clients.  If you have an interest in exploring this opportunity, please contact us to begin the discussion.
  • The switch to Schwab (From TD Ameritrade) occurred over Labor Day weekend 2023.  Everyone who had a TD Ameritrade account now has a Schwab account, which also requires updated login credentials.  Schwab’s Client Learning Center page  has more specific updates and a conversion timeline.  In early 2024, you may receive two tax forms if there was reportable activity before and after September 1st.  If you have any questions or concerns about your new Schwab accounts, please contact our offices.
  • Please see the Contact Us page for contact information and up-to-date details about Lottsa’s hours.

As always, you are welcome to reach out to Lottsa Financial staff by phone or email if anything changes or questions arise.

Scott, Sarah, Andrew and Lisa